"My kids will have computers, of course. But they will have books first.

Bill Gates

Personal life

My name is Evandro Pires da Silva, born November 26, 1987 in Joinville, SC, Brazil. I am married since 2010 with my wonderful wife, Madilene, and we live in Florianópolis. I like sports and mostly I follow championships like Premier League, Champions League, NFL and PGA.


I started my career as a programmer doing my first code lines in Clipper when I was 12 years influenced by my father. In 2005 I began studying Java and since then I specialized in that language, primarily focused on Java EE using JBoss Community and EAP, EJB, JMS, Hibernate and others.


I'm always thinking about ideas for apps and websites that would be useful for everyone and in that footprint'm developing some solutions. I am Co-founder of Ao Vivo no Bar which is being renovated for a relaunch and founder of Imobres which is a site for classification of cities and neighborhoods. Still work for Confesol and the Sisven acting as System Architect.